Cuff Earrings Hyusken
Cuff Earrings Hyusken

Cuff Earrings Hyusken

Welcome to the captivating world of ancient Armenian manuscripts with this exquisite cuff earring. Drawing inspiration from the intricate designs and symbolic motifs adorning centuries-old parchment, this wearable masterpiece pays homage to the rich tapestry of Armenian artistic tradition.

Each curve and contour is a testament to the artisan's skill, meticulously shaped to ensure both comfort and beauty.

The heart of this creation lies in its intricate detailing, reminiscent of the ornate illustrations found within the pages of ancient manuscripts. Delicate filigree work intertwines with geometric patterns, creating a mesmerizing tableau that speaks to the soul. Every twist and turn of the metal tells a story, weaving a narrative of cultural pride and artistic expression.

Adorned with symbols of spiritual significance and cultural heritage, the cuff earring serves as a wearable tribute to the enduring legacy of Armenian artistry. Intricately crafted flora and fauna dance across its surface, evoking the natural beauty of the Armenian landscape, while intricate patterns symbolize unity, resilience, and the eternal quest for knowledge.

For one earring only. 

Metal: Silver 925